5 Real Racing 3 Tips that Can Help You to Win Races

real racing 3 tips

Real Racing 3 is the king when it comes to a mobile racing game. This game has a really exciting gameplay and a very nice graphic that will make you amazed. Electronic Arts or best known as EA always know how to make a great racing game. In this game, you will see the great details and collect lots of expensive cars. And now, if you are ready to race, then, you can take advantage of Real Racing 3 tips below. These tips are really helpful so don’t miss it.

Real Racing 3 Tips

  1. Take the Inside Line

    This one will open my first driving tips for Real Racing 3. While you are turning to the left or right, you need to know how to do it correctly or you will go out of the track easily. If you want to turn to the right, you have to take the left line of the track. And when the turn comes, cut the direction by changing your line to the right. Also, you have to keep your speed steady while taking the turn. Ease off your gas but don’t let it down too low and keep it steady. And if you want to turn left, you just need to do the opposite.

  2. Hold the Rival Behind You

    As we know, it is quite hard to take a higher position while we are in a race. That’s why when you have taken your rival’s position, you should keep it and try not to let them take it back from you. One thing that you can do is by holding the rival behind you and don’t let them pass your car. Put your car in front of their line and make them to always on your tail.

  3. Don’t Bump Your Car to the Your Rival

    Always remember that you are playing a racing game and not a bumper car game. So, you need t play it safe and clean. Do not cheat or you will get a reply. As we know that you must ever do a dirty way like bumping your car to your rival’s car, right? Maybe sometimes it will give you an advantage. But, if you are not lucky enough, it will make you feel disappointed for doing that way.

  4. Get Used to the Track

    Get used to the track is really important in a racing game because it will give you an advantage. If you know a circuit quite well, you can choose the car that suits that track. Also, you can easily make a prediction of when you should ease off your speed and how to turn correctly so your position will not be taken by your rivals. Okay, now let’s go to my last tips for Real Racing 3 today.

  5. Stay on the Line

    When you are in a straight line, you don’t have to move your car’s direction too much except if you are about to pass your rival. Changing line too much while on a straight line will decrease your speed and you will open the chance to get passed by the other racers. So, just stay on your line and move just when it necessary.

That’s all the Real Racing 3 tips that can help you to win so many races. So, what do you think about it? Do you want to try it? I suggest you try it now because they are really useful.

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