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angry birds 2 special abilities

In playing the Angry Birds 2, we need to know the powers of each bird. It is very important so we can use their abilities to score more points. So, if you want to know all of the Angry Birds 2 special abilities, you have to see this article. After you know their abilities, you will find that it is easier to win the stages in this game.

Angry Birds 2 Special Abilities that You Should Know

  • Red. He is the first character that you will use at the beginning of the game. Red is a very strong bird because he can move strong stone blocks in front of him by using his ability. And his power can be used just by tapping the screen while you are close enough to the blocks or the other structures. He will blow some kind of red aura or wind to blow the stones.
  • Blue(s). They are three little birds with blue color. At first, we only launch one of them but we can split them into three and they will speed up to crash the weaker buildings. They can destroy so many structures after they have split although they won’t be effective to crush the stronger buildings.
  • Chuck. He is the yellow triangle bird which can move so fast. Yeah, it is his ability when you tap the screen. He will go straight on the line in a high speed like a bullet released from the gun. Chuck’s power is really effective to destroy the wooden structures. But, he cannot destroy the rock.
  • Matilda. The female bird who uses his ability to spawn in order to crush everything. She can lay a “BOMB” egg when you tap your screen where it will cause an explosion. And when she lay the egg, she will get a little boost that will push her a little bit higher. So, her ability is very useful so we can destroy the structures both below and above.
  • Silver. She is a bird with an extraordinary power. I think his power is one on of the best Angry Birds 2 characters in this game. She will do a loop once we tap the screen and then go downwards from the point she does the loop. Then, she will crush everything below her and do a massive destruction.
  • Bomb. He has an exciting ability where he can blow up his own body like an exploding bomb. We can blow him up by our own by tapping the screen when he is in the right position to explode. But, if don’t explode him by our own, he will explode by himself after he lands in a particular area.
  • Terence. He is like a brother to Red because he has the same color and their shape is also similar. The only difference is that Terence has a bigger body. He is the king size for me. But, he is the strongest one in this game although he has no special ability. Without any power, he can destroy everything in front of him because of his giant size. He can crush the wood, wall, and the other things like a piece of cake.

That’s all of the Angry Birds 2 special abilities that I can tell you from this game. May it help you a lot in the game.

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