Angry Birds Go Tips and Tricks to Become the Best Racer

angry birds go tips and tricks

Angry Birds Go is a racing game which comes from Rovio, the one who gives you the famous Angry Birds game. But, here it is different since you are not catapulting the birds anymore. Now, it is your time to bring them into a thrilling race. But wait, have you mastered this game? If you haven’t mastered it, yet, you should check these Angry Birds Go tips and tricks. With the help of the tips below, I’m really sure that you can be the best driver and racer in this game.

Angry Birds Go Tips and Tricks

Get Used with the Circuits

In playing a racing game like this one, it is important for us to know and remember the circuit. Moreover, since the circuit in this game has some traps that will stop you in becoming the winner of a race. So, if you know what you should do and where you should go in each circuit, it would be a massive advantage.

Hit the Accelerate Panel

While you are in a race, there will be some accelerate panel that you can use to give you a boost. This will make your car accelerate even faster for awhile. So, try not to miss it when you see it because it can increase your chance of winning the race.

Take Advantage of the Angry Birds Go Power Ups

This game serves you some power-ups that can be used to help you in the race. The power-ups will give you a certain ability. For example, Boost will give you a speed boost that will increase your speed to be faster. Then, there is Kart Repair which will fix your car and bring it back to its 100% condition. But, just use the power-ups when it is necessary.

Miss Some Challenge? Keep Calm and Repeat!!!

Angry Birds Go game has some challenges that you have to fulfill. There will be 3 challenges available on some races. Each of it should be cleared on that race. But, if you just manage to clear one or two, it is not a big problem. You don’t have to worry if the challenges that you have cleared will be gone. No, it won’t. It will be saved by the game so you just need to overcome the rest challenge that you haven’t complete, yet.

Don’t Forget to Upgrade Your Car

Every kind of games will be difficult by the time you progress. So do with this one. And in order to stay competitive in this game, you should upgrade your car’s performance to be better by using the Coins. You can increase its speed, acceleration, handling, and strength to keep you in for the upcoming races.

Keep the Gems and Don’t Waste It

Here, besides the Coins, there is also the Gems. They both are the currency in this game. But, the Gems is a far harder to earn than the Coins. So, you shouldn’t waste it on unimportant things like spending it to give you some fuel so you can go back on the track really soon. Better you use it to buy some good cars that will make you a better racer. And if you need this, you can use Angry Birds Go Hack┬áto get you more Gems.

Okay, guys, I end these Angry Birds Go tips and tricks on this day. Hope you got a lot of new experience from the tips above.