Arcane Legends Classes – Which One is the Best?

arcane legends classes

Arcane Legends is a good MMORPG that brings a lot of fun. In this game, there are three classes that we can use like the warrior, rogue, and sorcerer. Each class has different skills and strengths. The warrior has a high health point. The rogue can deal such a big damage. And the sorcererĀ has an ability to launch an area attack. Before we start to play the game, we have to choose one of those three classes. And in order to help you in deciding which one that you should pick, I would like to tell you Arcane Legends classes. Here, I will discuss one by one about the skills and abilities of each class.

The Three Arcane Legends Classes

Arcane Legends Warrior

The warrior is known for having a big amount of health point. This type of hero commonly called as Tank, the word that is used for a hero who can withstand a big damage that is directed at him. He is really strong and won’t easily die because of his ability. During the clash, the warrior is the one who will step his feet first to handle the enemies while leaving the rogue and sorcerers to give support from behind. And when he dies, the other classes will follow after him really soon. Then, if you are the person who likes to use the warrior, you must prioritize his strength.

Arcane Legends Rogue

While the warrior is known for their great strength, the rogue is known for her ability to inflict a big damage in a very short time just by taking less attempt. She can also launch some hit really quick because of her awesome damage per second (DPS). The rogue is really great in killing the enemies just in a second. When her astonishing damage is combined with the great strength of the warrior during the clash, it would be a frightening combination between them. And one thing that becomes her specialty is dexterity. So, for you who like a character which can deal a large amount of damage, the rogue will be the best choice for you.

Arcane Legends Sorcerer

This class is really good while taking a group of the enemy because many of his skills can affect more than one opponent in one shot. Although he won’t deal much damage while launching a group attack, he can deal a quite large amount of damage while doing a single target strike. But, like the rogue, he also needs the support from the warrior who possesses a great strength to become his shield during the combat. And intelligence is the most important stat that we have to increase for this class. The sorcerer will suit you who like to give support and launch an attack from the long range.

For me, the sorcerer is the best one because I like the abilities and skills that he has. And when you start to play the game you will find a lot of players who use this class as their character. So, which one do you prefer, guys?

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