Best of the Best Dinos Online Guide for Beginner | The Effective Way to Play the Game!

dinos online guide

Well well well, if we talk about great dino game, you need to play Dinos Online at all cost. This is the greatest Dino game ever that you must download immediately. That’s enough talk about general of the game because I’m sure you already know how to play this game without I telling you. If you didn’t know, you won’t come here in the first place, LOL. Without further ado, just see the Dinos Online guide to cure your curiosity.

Dinos Online Guide for Beginner

dinos online pet

  • How to get a pet?

It’s relatively easy if you want to get a pet. Is it worth the effort to get it? The answer is yes. Because it can boost your dino strength in the field. In order to get the pet, you need to go to the “King Kong Field”. Here, you will a King Kong with the minion that accompany him. You need to destroy all of them. If you want to get the pet, you need to become the first person who killed the King Kong. My tips: Kill his minion first, because it’s quite hassling if you leave it alone.

dinos online battle

  • How to get the secret attack?

Actually, I found it accidentally when playing this game. I’m sure all of you want your enemy to go down quickly, right? If so, I have the best solution for you. I’m sure when you want to attack, you must hold the attack button in order your Dino to attack quicker. But, that’s method it’s not that effective, just tap the attack button repeatably. It’s like three-person help you attack the opponents. My tips: Don’t tap it using brute force or you will break your screen, LOL.

dinos online level up

  • The Best Way to Level Up Quickly

1. Let your Dino eat anything. Yeah, anything. Although the EXP not that great you can always get it. It’s quite handy if you lazy to fight another dino.

2. Kill the Bosses. If you want an extreme way to get huge EXP. This is the last method that you can do. I know it’s quite hard for newbie player, but, the recommend monster that you can fight is a werewolf. It’s quite easy in the beginning and this monster gives you a lot of EXP.

My Tips: Actually, the best way to get more EXP points is by killing the boss. Especially, if you dare to challenge the OP(Overpowered) boss in the higher area. 

  • How to Get Dinos Online Free Points?

Points is really useful for your Dino. Do you want to make your Dino become stronger? Of course, you need to distribute your points into one of your Dino aspects. You can increase your Dino Attack, Defense, Speed and HP (Health Points). How to get it? You can collect it by killing the monster, but it will take forever! The best way is to use my secret tips.

My Tips: Just click Dinos Online hack tool to help you get the free points. I already tested it and miraculously works 100%. With it, you can make an OP Dino destroy all the opponents. 

That’s the end of my Dinos online guide. Hopefully, my guide can help you to reach the top. If you need another matter, especially with this game, don’t hesitate to write down your message below or PM me directly from the email.