Cartoon Wars Best Units | Choose the Best One Right Away!

cartoon wars best units

Playing cartoon wars game is not easy as you think. You need to choose the suitable unit in order to make a progress on this game. That’s why my today topic is about Cartoon Wars best units. Don’t worry anymore, I will give you a tip to choose the greatest unit. Without further ado, check out the list below to play the game with an easy way.

Cartoon Wars Best Units That You Should Have!

Below it’s my recommendation the best unit that you should add to your party. Okay enough talk, just see the Cartoon Wars tips below!

    • Warrior: The default hero and the useful one. If you want to hero with a great power and range power. Choosing the warrior class is a must for you. If you can upgrade your warrior into Veteran Warrior or Robin Hood, you will get a lot of advantages. In this kind of game, you need to have a close range and range hero to give you boost to become a winner.
    • Ninja: In the early game, this one is very useful. His speedy attack can make the big differences to your opponents. But, after you get a better hero in the game, just throw Ninja right away. Because it’s no use to keep this guy. Just replace him with a better unit.
    • Wizard: The third useful hero that you should keep. His magic can destroy the entire fleet within secs. This is a good hero that you should add to your team. Although his speed is quite slow, he is very useful if you face against the horde of enemies.
    • Golem: This is your tanker. I think Golem is the best unit in this game. Why? Because it can endure high-level damage for your part. With him in your party don’t worry anything. You can overcome any problem.
    • Cannon: Do you want to confuse your enemy formation? Using a cannon is a mus. With his laser beam. you can scatter the formation of your enemy team. Although, it’s not deal a great damage, it’s suitable to create a diversion.

That’s the Cartoon Wars best units that you should have. Okay guys, don’t leave the site yet. I still want to present you Cartoon Wars Amazing trick…

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