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clash of clans review

Clash Of Clans is one of the most popular games on both Android and iOS platform of all time. Supercell has made such a great game where the people who play it will get addicted. This game is really amazing because it has reached more than 100 million downloads on the Play Store only. And now, this is the time for me to give you Clash Of Clans review. By reading this review, you will get more information about this game.

Clash Of Clans Review

Supercell was released Clash Of Clans in 2012. It is a war strategy game where players will have to build a good base, defend it, and try to attack the other player which act as your opponents. And then, a good strategy is needed in this game to win the battle.

Players have to build some resources buildings in order to get the resources such as the Gold and Elixir to buy and upgrade more buildings. Then, defense buildings are also really needed to make your base safe from the enemies raid. The likes of cannon, archer tower, mortar, and etc can help you to get rid of the enemies troops who are trying to destroy your base and steal your resources.

And in order to get more resources faster, players can attack the other players base to steal their Gold and Elixir. This is really important not only to get those things but also to get more trophy. The trophy is used to place you in a league. The more trophy that you have, the higher league that you will be. And of course, more resources that will be given to you as a reward for each of your attacks.

Players can also join or make their own clan to battle with the other clans from all over the world. The clan can rank up from the lowest until the highest league rank if the clan can win many wars.

Clash Of Clans Gems

Gem is the premium currency system of this game. This thing can be used to buy more builders that used to upgrade buildings. Also, it can make your upgrade faster. In a second your upgrade will be finished just by using this thing. But, unlike the Gold and Elixir that can be obtained easily through the game, Gem is really hard to be obtained. But, we can buy it from the shop by spending some real money. There are some options where each of it will give you a different number of Gems and how much we should pay.

The Good Things in Clash Of Clans

  • Clash Of Clans is really addictive because it brings a lot of fun and excitement when attacking and destroying the other players base.
  • Various troops that players can use in order to raid the enemies such as barbarian, archer, and etc.
  • A great and outstanding 3D graphic makes this game more interesting to be played.
  • This game uses a real-time battle so the players can attack the opponents from the real players from around the world.

The Bad Things in Clash Of Clans

  • The game is kinda repetitive where we just defending and attacking each other. Even when we are in a clan war. We just do the same things everytime we play it.
  • This game takes so much time to play since it will need hours even days to build or upgrade the buildings and troops.

The Conclusion of Clash Of Clans Review

Overall, it is a very nice game to be played although upgrading the buildings will make you a little bit upset since it takes a lot of time. But, Clash Of Clans free Gems can help you to overcome this problem. You will get loads of Gems and you can use it to fasten up your upgrade.