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clash of lords 2 review

Today, I’m gonna tell you one of the most popular real-time strategy game entitled Clash of Lords 2. This is really an amazing game that you must have and play. How can I say that? If you want to know, you have to find the answer in this Clash of Lords 2 review. Here, I will discuss everything that I know about this game start from the gameplay, graphic and so on. So now, let’s check it out.

Clash of Lords 2 Review

This game was officially released in 2013 by IGotGames or people usually known it as IGG.COM. It can be downloaded for free from the two platform giants like Android and iOS. Actually, Clash of Lords 2 game is free to play although players are allowed to do some in-app purchase by using their iTunes or Google Play account. And it needs a good internet connection to be played.

Clash of Lords 2 Gameplay

The gameplay is quite the same with the like of Clash of Clans where players need to build up their very own base and strike the other players’ base. Here, you can play and battle millions of players in a PvP mode and there are also some other exciting modes that we can try in this beautiful game.

First, we need to place some defensive and production buildings. The defensive buildings are used to protect your base from an attack and the production buildings are used to gain you the resources that you need to do some upgrades. And the upgrade will take some time until it finished. Then, manage it carefully to build a strong base in order to survive from the enemies attack. After that, we can train some troops in order to launch a raid and take the resources that own by the opponent.

In this game, there are so many kinds of troops that we can train for the battle. And each of them will have different abilities. Also, there are some heroes that can help us during the combat. We can also release the heroes battle skills that will be useful to help you win.

The Game Full Features

  • Lots of troops to bring into a battle
  • Various modes that we can play
  • Bring the Heroes and unleash their battle skills
  • Fight against your friends and millions of players worldwide
  • Free to play
  • Interesting graphic

The Currencies that Used in This Game

Clash of Lords 2 has some currency systems that can be used for upgrading things they are the Gold and Gems. We can use the Gold to upgrade almost everything in this game such as the buildings and the troops. Upgrading them will increase its level and increase its stats. Then, the Gem is used to buy some items and fasten up the upgrade times. By using this thing, you can instantly finish the upgrade process although it will cost you some real money to get it.

But, I have a way to get it easily. It is by using Clash of Lords 2 free Gems. With this tool, you can generate so many Gems in no time. And there is no need to spend a single penny for it. That’s amazing, isn’t it? So, just try it now if you want to get the Gems.

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