Clash Royale Strategy, Beat Your Enemy and Put Shame On Their Face!

clash royale strategy

Hello and good morning guys, welcome back to my website. Let’s start our topic today about a base strategy game. I guess there are so many of you that also affected by the hysteria of Clash Of Clans game right? So, if you know about Clash Of Clans you must also know about the rival of this game. Yeah, you are right, it’s the Clash Royale. Unfortunately, this game added a more complex gameplay than Clash Of Clans if you ask my opinion. Clash Royale require more strategy rather than putting a unpenetrable wall and a few tower like Clash Of Clans. That’s why I think the complexity of Clash Royale strategy is far beyond Clash Of Clans. Well, let’s talk about Clash Royale game today.

Clash Royale Strategy and Review

clash royale tips

This day I want to share with you about a combined genre between MOBA and RTS game. This game brought to you by SuperCell. Yeap, both Clash Of Clans and Clash Royale stand under the same developer. Well, I think SuperCell really want to monopoly the game industry with both of his game. As you can see Clash Royale is hit the top score as the most downloaded new game. Clash Royale tips also numbered as the most searched tips in Google on a few weeks after this game released to the public.

However, not all people will be kindly given their tricks and tips to the stranger, right? Well, maybe that’s because this game already hit the tournament stage. Yeah, you right, this game already contested on a few nation. The contest to fight over the crown on Clash Royale tournament brings the hype to several Clash Royale player while the other busy to attacking the other people base while they are watching the tournament on youtube.

Clash Royale Tips

clash royale tournament

There are a few tips to become MVP or the Most Valuable Player in this game. Start by making a proper lineup, setting the best defense, upgrading your castle, and the last ways are buying a few diamonds and buying a few proper equipment.

However, not all people want to spend their money only to buy a few gems right? there are a few kinky people like me who want to use premium access but don’t want to spend any money on it. That’s why I try to find out the way to trick this game. Luckily, after spending for more than 4 hours I found the trick. That’s why I want to share my trick to tricking this game only to you. try to open this

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I think my article today about Clash Royale strategy is enough and clear. Thanks for coming and spare some time to read my article. If you think my article is useful enough, please share this article with the other Clash Royale fans. See you soon in my next article and have a nice day guys.