Clicker Heroes Free Rubies 2017, No Survey, No Human Verification!

Clicker Heroes Free Rubies

Hi, would you like to know about Clicker Heroes free rubies which are the most important currency of playing Clicker Heroes? We just made a really great tool which required no survey or human verification. Certainly, you would love to use it because it has lots of features that you can apply in an easy way.

Making a great tool which is a user-friendly one is not really easy because you have to know coding and also learn object orientation to implement it into a generator. That is why you should thank our hacking team which was designed Clicker Heroes hack.

Do you feel tired of playing which required you to tap your smartphone layer regularly? Do not do that anymore because you just found a gold mine which changes the way you play the game. Lots people want to know how to hack Clicker Heroes, all we can say that you are the luckiest person which found our great tool.

How does Clicker Heroes Free Rubies Generator work?

Would you like to know how it works? Alright then, we will explain it briefly. The first one, we breach Clicker Heroes’ server. Do you know that all players account are stored there? That is why we have to do this in order to access your account. Then, we also implement Ruby on Rails which to make a gateway to deliver a request to the requested account.

To bridge the connection, we implement SPAM Assassin, we did an illegal way to generate it. So, we ensure the developer will try to catch us by sending many robots after we released this hack tool. They would track us as a gang of bandits. That is why we have to implement that feature to reduce the robot access. You do not want our server taken down. Right?

Let us jump to the final step, whenever the request was delivered. The rubies will be sent immediately to your account as an in-app purchase. We made it because of reducing banning rate as their system will mark your request just like you bought a package of rubies from their server. The outstanding thing you have to know that our hack tool has no survey or human verification at all!

Why We Give Clicker Heroes Free Rubies?

We give free rubies to you because we want to test out our hacking skill. We do not only hack this game but also the other. We love to do this because we want to change the culture of games which is getting worse until this day. So many game developers create a game in order to drain their player’s money. They forget why game exists. A game exists because of player. They want to get their joy by playing their own favorite game but developer drains their money a lot as Games have been turned into commercial-base.

That is all from us, now we will tell the important thing that you ought to know. Do you know Clicker Heroes official fan page? If you do, you should take a look at what we have done to that FP. We just hack it and post our hack tool to let their members know about this awesome tool. Around 38k requests were made from that fan page. They feel so happy because of this generator. Go check out the proof below!

clicker heroes hack proof

Everyone shouted that they were so happy to get free rubies to their account. Yeah, that is what we want from you. We also hope that you could give an honest review just like the other people here. Share to your social media account or to your personal blog about this powerful and outstanding hack tool.

Now, we will list the features that our generator has. You have to know all the components because we want, to tell the truth regarding what we apply here. Maybe, you might know one of the features which listed here. Just check out below!

Clicker Heroes Generator Features

  1. MariaDB
  2. InnoTech
  3. 256-SSL Encryption
  4. COMODO Firewall
  5. SPAM Assassin
  6. AJAX Interface

What do you think after looking at our generator composition? Surely, you would like to use it immediately. Indeed, people who looked at our generator, they prefer using it without any doubt but they sometimes feel confused about operating it. Then, we create a simple tutorial for you.

How to Hack Clicker Heroes?

  1. Click on the access button below
  2. Click “Start Now”
  3. Fill your username & e-mail address
  4. Select the package
  5. Click “Connect”
  6. Wait up to 30 secs to connect your account to the server
  7. Click “Continue”
  8. Open the game, if you are in the app, restart it.

In App Purchase vs Our Hack Tool

What makes people buy from in-app purchase? Of course, because of they need to get rubies to help them playing it easily. However, what will they do after recognizing our hack tool? Certainly, they will tend to use it all a day long as they do not need to pay with their money.

If you love to buy from in-app purchase, you have to move right now as our generator will give your Clicker Heroes free rubies. You can start generating it within a min. All you need to do is to fill the requirements such as e-mail address or username. We won’t ask your password. So, you don’t need to worry about it.

Clicker Heroes Hacked Gameplay

Tapping the layer is the primitive way of playing this game. You can now generate free rubies then you can hire your troops to let you mine the gold automatically. You can also exchange the rubies with gold. Whatever you do as long as you have rubies. You have nothing to worry.

We just tested out of 10 players to play this game with our generator. They were so happy to use it even though, they can reach the leaderboard without having any difficulties. Unlike others who played it hardly. Now, this is your turn to choose your style to play this game.