Clicker Heroes Review | Check Out the Information about It

clicker heroes review

Clicker games have now become so popular. So many game publishers make a game with the same genre and gameplay in order to attract more players. And there is one game which adapting this style of gameplay entitled Clicker Heroes. The game is quite interesting to play. And for that reason today, I wanna tell you about Clicker Heroes review in order to inform you what is good about this game.

Clicker Heroes Review

Actually, the game which published by Playsaurus in 2014 was made for Browser. Then, the mobile version for Android and iOS platform released in 2015. Clicker Heroes is a free-to-play game. But, there will be some micro transaction in the game to buy the premium currency called Rubies. The premium currency is not required to make progress, it is just used to buy some supporting things for the game.

Clicker Heroes Gameplay

In this game, we have to click our screen in order to make a damage on the enemy. We will gain the Gold, each time we killed the enemy. And it can be used to upgrade our damage or unlock some character. Purchasing the Gold to buy the characters is really helpful because they can help us to give a damage to the enemy. They will do our job although we are out of duty.

This game features with a lot of levels where we will go to the higher level once we have killed 10 enemies. Each level will offer different amount Gold. The higher the level, the more the Gold that we will obtain. We will meet the boss zone each time we reach the fifth or tenth level. In order to kill the boss, we will be limited by the time. If we failed to kill it before the time ended, we have to try it again with the other type of bosses.

The Good and Bad in Clicker Heroes Game

The Good:

  • Unique and colorful monster design
  • An interesting graphic
  • A good gameplay although it looks so simple
  • The sound effect is quite good

The Bad:

  • The purchasable characters do not appear on the screen
  • The enemies just keep quite without giving a fight back
  • Too much repetition.


Overall, this game is good to be played especially, in our free time. The gameplay is quite addictive and exciting to play. So, you have to download this right now because you won’t get bored easily.

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