Domino’s Pizza Stop Voucher Distribution on Several Partners

voucher distribution has been stopped

Recently, there is a smashing news from Domino’s Pizza where the company has been stopped the voucher distribution on several partners. It means, there would not be the free voucher for us.

The reason Domino’s Pizza limit its voucher because there are many people who abuse the usage. They tried to get many vouchers and exchange it on the store.

Due to the problem happen, the company should take action against the manipulated data. We all know that it is really hard to believe but they already did it since yesterday. Many people complain because they could not get free voucher anymore when they spend their money to shop at the store.

Domino’s Pizza CEO J. Patrick Doyle said: “We have been stopped voucher distribution on several partners but it does not mean we do not give a free voucher to our loyal customer anymore”.

We can catch that the company still give a free voucher to their loyal customer but by limiting partners who can publish its voucher.

We wrote the way to get Domino’s Pizza voucher. You could read it here! If you already there, you can read the instruction and some important information which can help you to get a¬†free voucher.

One important rule that you have to obey is to generate it once per session. You cannot get duplicate voucher once you have received it in your mail. So, make sure you do not cheat the system because it will automatically detect you and you could be blacklisted by the company.

However, once you use Domino’s Pizza card more than $ 1.000. You could get the second voucher by validating your card. They will automatically give you free $ 100 voucher.

Do not wait anymore, you can get your own free voucher right now if you have not received it. Domino’s Pizza really do a great thing to stop voucher distribution to several partners because most of them do not use their authority properly.

Let us see what most customers said after hearing this overwhelming news from Domino’s Pizza company. We are sure most of them will complain regarding this regulation but as long as it’s only to be restricted. We thought, there is nothing to worry.