Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle General Tips | Become the Badass Player Immediately After See it!

dragon ball z dokkan battle general tips

Who doesn’t know about Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle? Of course, you know about it or ever heard it once before. This phenomenal game only appeared on Android and iOS. So, in order to feel the greatest sensation, you must download it on your respective Play Store. Now, I want to give you Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle general tips to give you the glimpse what should you do in this kind of game. Are you curious about it? Find out the answer below.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle General Tips!

  • Dragon Stones are really valuable in this game: For you who don’t know, Dragon Stones is really important. The purpose is to summon the premium character. Of course, you want to get an amazing character, right? That’s why you need to save it. Don’t waste it to recover your life when you died in battle. If you lose in the battle just keep training your character it’s enough. Just relax guys when playing this kind of game.
  • Collect All the Seven Dragon Balls: You can acquire this ball randomly in a stage. If you already collect 7 of it. You can summon Shenlong to grant your wishes. You can choose to give your more allies or increase all the character slots by 10. Choose wisely guys, because it’s quite hard to collect the 7 ball.

dragon battle z dokkan battle gameplay

  • Multi Summon: I recommend you never do the single summon. It just wastes your Dragon Stones for sure. If you already collected 50 Dragon Stones, just use the multi summon features. But, if you can wait more, I advise you to do it. Usually, the developer will give an event about limited summon that can grant you SSR characters. If you can wait, just do it when there is an event coming.
  • Chain Login: Are you the type of people who don’t have type to play the game for a long time? If the answer is yes, you can’t do it in this game. Because there is a feature called “Chain Login”. If you don’t have any time, just make sure to login to the game because you will get the extra reward each day. If you don’t login just one day, it will break the chain session.
  • Bring Healing Items: Even though you have SR or SSR characters, it doesn’t mean you already win the game. This is not purely RPG game. It’s combined with a puzzle game, that’s why in a case of emergency, you need to bring it. Rather than you lose the battle, bring healing items is better.

That’s Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle general tips that I want to tell you. Hopefully, it can help you to achieve what you want in this game. Oh yeah, I have one secret way to get Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Dragon Stones actually. But, you need to prepare for the worst. Just click the link below for further information.

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