Elvenar Guide for Beginners | Some Ways to Play this Game Effectively!

elvenar guide

Elvenar is a web based game. Everyone must already know it without I tell you, right? LOL. It’s already 3 months since I play this game. Today, I want to give you something useful, hopefully, it can help you to play this game effectively. I’m sure not all users understand how to play this game for the first time, especially beginner players. That’s the reason why I created Elvenar guide for all of you in the first place. Without further ado, check the guide below.

elvenar gameplay

Elvenar Guide | The Best Way to Play this Game!

  • Save up Your Resources in the Beginning: Don’t waste all your resources to build the city. You need to wait for a while when you have enough material, at least you have a hundred of resources. If you already got it, just build your own territory right away before the opponents raid it down!
  • Buy Steel, Wood, Marble resources from the Trader: For you who looking to get a resource quickly, you can do this method. You can find this trader easily in the city. Of course, it will cost you a lot of amount of coins. But, coins it’s really easy to get in this game so it doesn’t matter.
  • The First Thing you need to do in this game:
    • Residence: Build your own residence it’s really crucial in this game. It’s like your base camp. One of the features that you can do in this place is stored your item because your inventory has a limit.
    • Workshop: This is the second important place that you need to build quickly. Because you will craft any item that you need in this place. From the tool and food.

  • Diamonds: Is it diamonds important in this game? To answer that question, you need to ask yourself, if you’re a free player you don’t need to bother with it, you can still get this one in the game. But, for cash player, of course, you will purchase Elvenar diamonds at all cost. For what? Of course, to speed things up in this game. One of the advantages is you can finish your building time right away by paying it with diamonds.

How to Earn the Free Diamonds?

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“Elvenar Hack”

I already tested it and works like a charm. If you want to use it, don’t hesitate. If you fell hesitate it won’t works well like you want to. That’s all for today, hopefully