FIFA Mobile Soccer Tips | Beginners Should Check This Out!

fifa mobile soccer tips

Hi, guys, welcome to FIFA Mobile Soccer tips. Today, I will give you all the tips that you need for this game. As we know, FIFA Mobile Soccer is a mobile football game with a taste of console. This is a very nice game for all football lovers. That’s why if you really want to master this game, you should see all the tips that I’m going to tell you below.

FIFA Mobile Soccer Tips

Play the Tutorial

Play the tutorial is the first tips for FIFA Mobile. Many people usually hate to follow and clear the tutorial mode. They think that they are pro enough to play this game without learning from the tutorial. But, the fact is, there are so many people who are struggling to play this one because they only know the basic things. Whereas, playing the tutorial will give you a lot of benefits such as learn how to perform skills and moves, get used about how to pass, shoot, and dribble, and it will give you extra FIFA Coins and XP if you can clear all of it.

Play It Manually or Automatically

In this game, you will meet two different controllers. The first one, you can use the manual controller where you will take the full control of your players. You can also let the computer to take the responsibility to take control of the player movement. So, they will move automatically. But, you will have the ability to pass and shoot the ball. And I can suggest you use the automatic one because it will help a lot if you are a new player in this game.

Choose the Tactics that Suits Your Team

There are so many tactics that you can use in this game. So, in picking up the tactics, you should make sure that it suits your team well. If you have dominant players in the attacking position, you can choose the attacking tactics like 4-2-2 or 4-3-3. Try to choose the right one in order to help you win.

Get the Minimum Overall Rating Before You Jump into the Season Mode

Season mode allows you to choose one from several leagues that exist in the real life in order to test your skills. But, before you start to play in this mode, you need to make your team reach the overall rating at least 70. This mode is quite difficult for the players who haven’t reach this minimum overall rating.

Use a Generator

In the last FIFA Mobile Soccer¬†tips and tricks, I suggest you try this FIFA Mobile Hack in order to get a lot of Points. I’m sure that you already know about the function of this thing. It is quite important in this game and many people are looking for a way to get this one. So, don’t hesitate to try it if you want to obtain loads of Points.

That ends my FIFA Mobile Soccer Tips for today. I hope you those tips can help you a lot in your game. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to leave a comment.