Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Guide | What You Need to Know About Vortex of Desires!

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius guide

Back again to your beloved website. Here, I proudly present you Final Fantasy Brave Exvius guide that you already waiting for. For you who don’t know about it, I will explain what you can do in Vortex of Desires. For beginners player who has difficulties understand the mechanism behind Final Fantasy world, this time I will give you the glimpse of light that make you understand about it. Anyway, without further ado, just check out the guide below.

What is Vortex of Desires Anyway?

Like the name, it can make your desire come true. You will unlock it in the beginning of the game. For a player who recently starts the game must hesitate to come here. Yeah, there is no doubt about it. Anyway, Vortex of Desires is a multiple dungeon that you can try everyday for free. Of course, it’s free. But, if you want to enter it the second time, you need to pay it with your Lapis (100). But, it’s not a good idea to sacrifice your Lapis, right? For further information about the multiple dungeons, you can see below.

  • Chamber of Creation: Here, you can farming crafting materials that you need to upgrade your weapon. I suggest you only enter it while it’s free. When you already used your chance, don’t you dare to pay it with Lapis or you will regret it for the rest of your life. Why do I say like that? Because I don’t recommend you to collect the crafting materials in this place, it’s easier to collect in the story mode instead of this ugly place.

    • Chamber of Awakening: In order to raise the rarity of your units (Stars), you need awakening materials that you can get in this place. I know it’s hard to increase your unit’s rarity that’s why I recommend you to use your Lapis to get more. I don’t know why but the drop rate material in this dungeon it’s not that bad as you think. That’s why I really recommend it to burn your 100 Lapis.

    • Chamber of Experience: How about your character level? Is it enough to beat the main story? If the answer no, you can come here to farm large of EXP potion. It’s better to level up in this place rather than in the story dungeons. If you want to further increase your unit’s level, you need to prepare the huge amount of Lapis.

    • Chamber of Riches: How about your Gil condition in this game? If you need more, just come here get a large amount of money. Actually, after you complete this dungeon, you will get a lot of cactus figure, so, where is the money? Of course, you can get it by selling the cactus. Rather than you farming your Gil in story dungeon, it’s better for you to come here.

final fantasy brave exvius gameplay

That’s all the information that you need to know about Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Vortex of Desires. Oh yeah, I almost forgot about something. It’s about Lapis. Actually, I have one way to solve your problem against it. But, use it at your own risk. I don’t want you to blame me if something happens because I only suggest you. If you already prepared, just click the link below.

Here, you can get an unlimited amount of Lapis. Of course, you don’t need to pay it. If you want to do good deeds you don’t need any payment. See you all again the next chance. Hopefully, my Final Fantasy guide can help you!