IMVU Beginner Guide, How to Play for the First Impression!

IMVU beginner guide

IMVU beginners guide is the most searches by many IMVU players because they need a guide to help them play this game. However, the developer does not create any guide to teach them all. We would like to let you know how to play this game if this is your first time.

To play IMVU we need to understand what mission for our character is. If you are looking for many friends in the game. You will need to spend lots of your money to buy many outfits or maybe furniture. Once you look awesome, everyone will send a friend request to you.

Meanwhile, there are some players who just want to enjoy playing this game with their close friend. Usually, they will not spend a single buck to play this game.

As the beginnerĀ guide, you have to choose what mission would you like to take. Of course, you want to get many friends without spending a single buck. Do you know what should you do?

We have a great alternative way to whom who do not want to spend their money to play a game. We have created a generator to access this game. If you would access it, you can go to the link below.

IMVU Hack Tool

Once you are there, you can generate credits as much as you want but you can only do this once a week. Just select the package and fill your username. You will receive the package within a minute. However, what will you do after you receive free credits?

Buying a Nice Outfit

This is the most important part of this beginner guide, you have to buy a nice outfit for your character because it is required to attract others. As we stated before, the coolest you are popular you would be.

Join VIP Room

After you have a great fashion style, you can enter VIP room where you can only meet the coolest people in IMVU and you would be one of them. Is not it great?

Buy Furniture

Show them what about your great house. Most players would tend to visit a house with amazing style such as the decoration and also the furniture.