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little big city 2 tips

Little Big City 2 is a city management simulation game genre from Gameloft. Your goal here is to make a big city with a big population. You need to develop the city by constructing some buildings and expanding the land to make it grow bigger. And here I am today to share some Little Big City 2 tips that will be useful for all of the beginners.

Little Big City 2 Tips

Remember to Claim the Daily Prize

Daily Prize can be picked up each day you visit the game. You will get a useful reward for each daily prize. Maybe the prize at the first couple of days won’t be good enough. But, if you can take the daily prize routinely, the reward will be getting better and better.

Unlock Additional Supply Shop Production Slots

At the beginning of this game, you will have a lot of Diamonds in your hand. So, try not to waste it to speed up the construction or production because they just benefit you temporarily. It is better for you to invest the Diamonds you have to unlock some additional slots for the supply shop so you can fulfill some projects quicker and level up faster.

Never Stop Producing Goods

To make your city develop faster, you need to make sure that your supply shops are always working. Never let them stop in producing goods. If you confuse on what goods that you have to produce, you can take a look at what the citizens needed. Then, fulfill their needs by producing what they really want.

Pay Attention to the Achievements

In Little Big City 2 game, there are some achievements that you can clear. Clearing the achievements will give you a lot of benefit in this game. If you can clear an achievement, you will get some Diamonds. Maybe the number of Diamonds that you get is not so many but it is enough to unlock some slots for your supply shop.

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Thank you for reading this informative Little Big City 2 tips. Although, they look like just simple tips but hopefully, they may be useful. Thanks once again and happy gaming!!!