Marvel Future Fight Best Heroes that You Should Have

marvel future fight best heroes

Marvel Future Fight is a good game which uses the superheroes from Marvel. Many people get addicted to it because the gameplay is really exciting. But still, many people come and ask me to share which heroes are the best in this game. And to answer that question, I give this Marvel Future Fight best heroes. I hope that this article can be useful so you can decide which heroes that you should add to your team.

Marvel Future Fight Best Heroes

Hulk Buster Iron Man

This is the best Marvel Future Fight hero so far. It is because he has a great abilities. Although he is still at the beginning level, he can deal a massive damage. Hulk Buster Iron Man also has a good health point so he won’t die that easily. And when you increase his rank, you will unleash his true power. He will inflict such an amazing damage after he rank up. All enemies will be wiped out easily and facing the bosses is like a piece of cake. I can say that he is the best hero in Marvel Future Fight.


He is a good hero who posses a great agility which makes him the best hero in term of speed. Spiderman is quick and his skills really suits his fighting style. He will become a real threat when you unlock his best skill because its damage is really great although he is the kind of hero who relies on speed.

Captain America

Actually, Captain America is one of the easiest hero to use and get in this game. And for that reason he is a good hero for the starting players. His overall stats are pretty good although it is still basic. And the skills he has are not bad to begin your journey in this game.

Captain Marvel

One more Captain in this game. But, this one is a woman. Captain Marvel can be said as one of the best heroes in this game. It is not just because she is a captain but also because of her greatness. And she will be so scary after the rank up. Her skills are really extraordinary. She is really worth it to be added to the team.

Iron Man

Another good hero which is easy to get at the beginning of the game. Iron Man is the hero who posses such a good power. But, his weakness is on his health point because it is quite low for a hero who uses an armor from a strong material like that. Besides, you can count on him to inflict a great damage.

Those are the best Marvel Future Fight heroes according to me. So, which one that you think is the best one? Actually, every hero is good, it depends on how you use them and your strategy to make them good. And if you have your own opinion about the best heroes in this game, you can share it here on this website. Just leave your opinion on the comment box that I have given below. So, thanks for reading this Marvel future Fight best heroes and see you later, guys…

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