To whom who like to play both Tycoon and RPG game. We can know play Medieval Life where it combines between Tycoon and RPG to create an outstanding experience for everyone who plays it. We can build our dream castle, not only build it but also hunting creatures to be ours.

Own a Castle

In this game, we can buy our own castle. There are 9 castles available to purchase but make sure we already have lots of money. If we are new in this game, we can buy the small one but after we already bigger we can buy the big one.

Customize Your Own Castle

Besides of buying a new castle, we can also customize whatever we want as this will be the best game ever to play. We have to hunt much money in order to buy new furniture for our castle. There are many selections that we could choose.

More than 60 Creatures to Hunt

What creature would help you to fight against your enemy? Of course, we have to find our own companion. To hunt them, make sure we have prepared everything as sometimes, they are really hard to hunt.

Various Day Cycle

Many games tend to use one day cycle it could be a day or night. However, this game has been completed with a great system to cycle the time. We could enjoy playing either on day or night sensation. It depends on the time system itself.

Many Quests to Do

There are various quests that we can do in this game. They are so exciting as we could enjoy adventuring in the game. Each quest will give you extra rewards but it depends on what level you are on.

Various Equipment

There are many types of equipment that we can use in this game. We can get a powerful weapon to hunt down our prey meanwhile they will be our companion after defeated. The developer also promises that in the next update, there will be more equipment and crafting features.


Actually, there are many features that this game had but we could not list them all. We recommend you to give a try. You can download the game from this following link. Do not forget to care about your time when playing this as this game is totally addicting.


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