Mobius Final Fantasy Jobs Guide| Which one is the Best?

mobius final fantasy jobs

Everyone of you must know about the popularity of FF games. Once again, after Square Enix already satisfied hunt down on the video game console, they want to spread their wings in the mobile game industry. They proudly present Mobius Final Fantasy. Here, I don’t want to explain about this game, I’m sure everyone already knows about it, right? I’m here to give you the best jobs that you can choose for you main protagonist. For more details check Mobius Final Fantasy jobs guide below!

Mobius Final Fantasy Jobs Guide | Follow My Recommendation to Take the Greatest Effect!




The first job that I recommend you is Knight. A tanker is really good to start to play this game. What I like from this one is, the earth damage is really devastating. The resistance of elements also really high. The defense power that makes this one really amazing.



The next job is an occultist. This job really great especially with magic damage. If you want to one hit your enemies, just use this job immediately. You won’t regret it any single bit. But, you need to be cautious with occultist defense power because it’s quite weak. Other than that, this one is top tier fighter



Do you want to deal devastating physical attack? Choose Rogue for the job. I’m sure you won’t regret it. His physical attack is really destructive. What you need to be cautious is very weak with elements attack. Especially, wind. That’s why you need concern with your magic defense while change into this job.


That’s the three jobs of this game that you should get immediately. I’m sorry if I don’t mention another job. Because the three jobs above that I give you above is the greatest one in my opinion. Why? Because I’m using it as my main job.

mobius final fantasy gameplay

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