Everyone comes on different mind if they play War Thunder it is because the graphic is outstanding and also interesting gameplay. If you ask me why I love playing this game because I enjoy the game but many people think in a different way.

I asked one of them and they said that is because we can do many things in the game. Suc as getting a new friend, earning money by selling an item, loving adventure and so on. Most of them have a different idea when we ask about why they play this game.


From my side, I have another thing that is the gameplay which is really enjoyable. Certainly, there could be another game with good one but War Thunder cannot be beatable easily. Here is a snapshot regarding the game.

What do you think about the two gameplay above? Is not it great? We know that because I also enjoy the game same as yours. The best part of all, we can make a good strategy with our partner to destroy our enemy.


Based on my perspective, this game cannot be categories as a normal game because the graphics are really in ultra HD. Someone who plays this game they must have a good VGA specification in order to avoid any lag.

You could see on the gameplay above and you will know how great is it. If you tend to play a game with good graphics quality then you may go with War Thunder.

Making Friends

This is the best thing we can do which is to make friends in this game. We can play together with them, conquer each game together and so on. It is going to be great if we have a solid team because no one can beat us.

I think that is all, what I can share from my side, you can give a comment below if you think this game is really awesome. We would like to hear your opinion about this game.


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