New Year Promotion, Starbucks Is Giving Free $ 100 Voucher!

Starbucks Free Voucher

2018 could be the best year we could have as there are many promotions we can get. One of them is Starbucks which is giving free voucher worth $ 100 to their loyal customer. They were happy with the last promotion before. Many people really enjoy the free voucher they received.

How Many Voucher I Can Receive?

At this moment, we can only receive a voucher for one identity. So, if you have a family with 6 members, we could get 6 vouchers. That is just an illustration. If you could ask your friend to do that, you can go hang out with your friends and drink free coffees there.

The sales manager said they are so pleased to serve people who redeem the voucher. It seems, Starbucks really do a great promotion for all their customers.

How to Get?

We could get free vouchers instead of purchasing it. Do not ever purchase any voucher from someone as we could get it for free. Everyone can get it. So, there is no limit. The first step, you must visit this Starbucks Star Code!

After you visit the link above. You can apply all the instructions given. Do not forget to turn off your proxy if you are currently using it. They couldĀ disable the system.

How to Redeem?

To redeem the voucher, you can go to the nearest Starbucks. Do not forget to check your email regularly. Sometimes, there could be a delay to receive the free voucher. That is why we need to be patient.

Do not be so rush, the shop could be filled with many people who want to exchange the voucher first. If you already there, just go to the queue. Then, you may ask the cashier first about your voucher validation. Make sure it has not been expired.

Once the cashier says if your voucher is valid. You can wait until the queue is decreased then you may exchange it with free coffees.

We hope, this article can help you a lot to get free Starbucks voucher which worth $ 100. We are sure everyone would love to have this as it is free without doing anything. You may check the link before or go to this link.

Starbucks Star Code