Our Team

In this section, we will introduce you to our team who secretly build the hack. The stay awake until midnight to finish their job. Do you want to meet them directly? Just scroll down your mouse below. Don’t get crazy after knowing their profile guys, LOL.

Adele Monta

I was born to be a ghost hacker. I hack for my life because that is my passion. I can ensure that my location could not be found from anyone because I work from the hell.

Joseph Lieberman

I do everything about hacking. I hope I could give something new for you. Check out my latest post that might be helpful for you.

Jordan Black

My purpose in this life is hacking. If you ever have a problem related to this one, just PM me for more information

Black T

Hello, guys, I’m a writer of this site. I like to write, read, watching anime and playing online games.