Crusaders of Light is the most trending game at this time because it is the first real-time MMORPG on smartphone games. The gameplay of this game is absolutely awesome and also the graphics are really great such as a pc game. That is why, within a year. It is already downloaded by million users.

Complex Gameplay

This game has lots of complexity on its gameplay but it does not make their players confuse while playing it as this game is also given a tutorial for each section. So it would be easy to understand whether the players come from a child or even an adult.


This is the awesome thing about this game where you can raid together with other players. The bounty is quite interesting as we can get from rare to unique equipment while we have done defeat the first and the second boss.


Like any other game, this game also has a guild section where we can meet other players, form a group with guild players to raid or to fight together and to do guild wars. The guild section is completely different such as any other MMORPG game on a smartphone.

Be a Miner or Gatherer

No matter what your class in this game, you can choose whether you would like to be a miner or gatherer. A miner can mine an ore to craft it into weapons or armors and a gatherer can gather plants to process into cloth which is the main ingredients of making armors.

Various Quests to Do

Sometimes, there are many games which are lack of quest. So, they encourage players to play without any achievements. This is totally different with this game as you can do almost every quest no matter what level you are on. There are always many quests to do.

Epic Graphics

The game graphics must be given two thumbs up because its graphics do not consume your smartphone resources even though it is qualified as an epic graphics for a smartphone game. We have taken some gameplay that shows its graphic greatness. You may check it below.

Final Words

Crusaders of Light is a really great game with complex gameplay and epic graphics. You have to play this game and you must download it right away because its existence could not be missed anymore.


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