Pokemon GO Review, Tips, and Tricks!

pokemon GO review

Hello guys, how’s your day? I hope everything goes well. This day I want to share about Pokemon GO review to you. What do you know about this game? Well, this game is becoming a big hype in all over the world. Do you know, even a few nations in the world restricts their citizens to play this game. The reason is so various start from this game is too addicted, increased chances of the traffic accident, bullying, and so many other reasons. Well, to know more about this game, let’s find out more information about Pokemon GO only on my website today!

About Pokemon GO

Pokemon app

Pokemon GO is categorized as augment reality MassivelyMultiplayer Online Roleplaying location-based or also know as MMO that based on location. This game is released by Niantic, the publisher of the first augmented reality MMO game. Do you know of the newest Pokemon app? Pokemon GO becoming a hits really quick.

However, even though this game is required a high-tech phone and stable phone signal. There are a lot of people who don’t meet the phone requirement that still try to download this game. Well, even though that’s so illegal but it seems that they don’t care at all.

Do you know? Even a few nations who haven’t achieve their official release that download this games illegally. It’s recorded that Indonesia as the nation with the most illegal download player. Well, even though there are a lot of pros and cons on this game. This can’t stop this game to conquer the game era those days.

Pokemon GO Review

Pokemon go tips

Even though there are nothing that can be competed in this game except for the tenacity to complete the Pokemon list and grow them like your own pet. Still, there are a lot of people who try to find out about the Pokemon tricks on the internet. That’s why this day I will share with you a few tricks to play Pokemon GO.

  1. Stable Connection.
    • Make sure your SIM card provide the stable internet connection to your phone. A stable connection will increase your chances to get rare Pokemon.
  2. Take a walk.
    • Staying in one place will result in nothing. Try to walk around your residence area. Who knows maybe you will find something interesting?
  3. Share location with your friends.
    • Who knows maybe it’s your lucky day? Try to ask your friends about a few information about their Pokemon. Who knows you will hit the jackpot like getting a legendary Pokemon rather than common Pokemon.

Well, to make it easier you can try to use this tool to get Poke Points for free. I think my article today about Pokemon GO review is enough. Thank you for coming to my website today. I hope my article and tricks today can help you to boost your Pokemon. If you think my article today is useful please share my article today with the other Pokemon player. Because sharing means caring, right? See you soon in my next article and have a nice day guys.