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heroes charge tips

Heroes Charge is the simple RPG game that makes the players addicted to playing this game. I’m really grateful this game being an online multiplayer. If don’t, it will become really boring for sure. What I like the most from this game is, you can battle with others player. So, for you who feel bored to battle against the NPC, this is the time to erase all your boredom with this game. That’s why for today topic, I want to give you Heroes Charge tips, stay tuned to Modshack!

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Heroes Charge Tips | The Great Way to Play this Game

Auto Battle is Useful

If you want to level up your heroes. Just use auto battle. It’s more efficient rather than you watch the battle manually. You can also manage your skill before you start the auto attack. All the battle will pass automatically, you just need to watch the battle. Of course, it requires a lot of stamina.

Special Attacks

Special attacks really useful when you in a pinch. So, when you battle with the monster don’t unleash your skill in the beginning. Save it until you reach the end of the stages. So, if you meet the strongest monster, just beat all them with your special skill instantly.

Arena Battles

When in you the arena match. Choose your opponents carefully. I advise you choose the lower rank than you. Don’t you ever choose the higher rank than you, even though the differences of the rank is little, you will still lose the match. I don’t know why this ridiculous event happens in this game.

Healer is Important

Same like another RPG game. A healer has an important role. If your team on a low health, if you have a healer, you can restore the lost HP quickly. That’s why you need to add a healer to your own party.

heroes charge characters

Sell Your Items to Earn Extra Gold

An item like Mithril Gear can help you to earn 5000 gold per item. Yeah, it’s quite a high price. EXP Potion and salves also have a high price. So, if you want more gold to upgrade your heroes, just sell the item that I mention above.

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How to Get Heroes Charge Gems?

Every user must want to get this one without a doubt. For what? Of course, to summon their favorite heroes right away. I know getting gems in this game it’s not that easy. If you play the game it’s very easy to get it though. But, I have one secret tip for you on how to get free gems. Just visit the link below.

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