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seven knights strategy guide

Seven Knights is a strategy team-based game that a lot of people love to play. This game offers us an addictive and exciting gameplay that won’t make us get bored easily. Many players have played this one but still many newcomers joining in. And that’s the reason of why I am here right now. On this day, I’m in a good mood to give you Seven Knights strategy guide. The guide that I am going to tell you is really useful for all newcomers. It can help you to make progress faster so you can catch up and match the old players really soon.

Seven Knights Strategy Guide

Cleared the Quests

At the beginning, you will get the guide quests that can only be cleared once for every account. These quests will ask you to do some basic things in this game. So, it is like a tutorial although the quest will getting harder and harder by the time. But, it will give you nice rewards that are worth what is done. So, try to clear it as soon as possible because the rewards can be used to build up your team.

Choose the Formation from the Start

Since it is a team-based game so it must have a formation feature. For that reason, it is important to choose one formation that suits you the most. Choose the formation that suits your characters types. If you like to use more defensive heroes, you can choose the basic formation. And since the formation can be upgraded until a certain level, just try to stick with it until you have reached the max level. If you change formation a lot, it will be difficult for you to upgrade it to the max. Also, it will take a longer time.

Make a Balance Team

If you want to make a strong team, it must be a balance one. Make sure that you put some heroes with different types. If you have two more attacking heroes then, let the rest filled with the defensive ones and a support. Or you can use 3 attacking heroes that can give a lot of damage to the opponents and 2 defensive ones to hold the enemies attack. You will be easily get beat up if you just use the heroes with the same type.

Focus on Five Seven Knights Heroes

Since you are still new, better you focus on five heroes that you will use as the main ones. Doing this trick will allow you to upgrade them faster and you can progress even faster. Try to make them reach their max first before upgrading the others. So, you need to choose since the beginning which heroes that you want to use. Then, you won’t get disappointed at the end.

Equip Your Heroes with the Right Equipment

Equipping the heroes with an armor, weapon, and jewel is very useful to increase their status. The attack damage, defense, and health point will be increasing once the items have been equipped. These will make the heroes you have to get even stronger so they can compete with the other players’ heroes.

Use a Generator Tool

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