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simcity buildit tips

Everybody must know about the Sim game. This game is very popular and has so many version such as SimCity BuildIt. This is a game where we have to build our very own city from just a small one to the big one. We can build so many things like residential buildings, industrial buildings, and the other buildings. But, we need to make sure that we build it in the right way. So, just check out SimCity BuildIt tips below and you can make your dream city.

SimCity BuildIt Tips

Make a Plan before You Build Your City

Before you decide to build a building, it is better if you can make a plan first. For example, try to place a building on the same region like placing an industrial buildings with the other industrial buildings and so on. Maybe you can move it as you like but it will take a lot of time when you have too many buildings. It would be hard to move them all from the start. So, make a plan and start to build.

Always Producing

The next SimCity BuildIt tips is always produce something. In a city building game like this one, there are some buildings that can produce some goods. These goods can be sold to gain more SimCity BuildIt Simoleons to upgrade all the buildings we have. So, make sure that you don’t forget to make all of your buildings busy and make them to always produce something.

Get the Upgrade Materials

The buildings can be upgraded if you have the materials required to upgrade it. So, in order to collect the materials, you can tap the icons that appear above your residences. Then, you will see a bubble appear where you have to tap it also. And you have a chance to get the items that needed to upgrade the buildings from the bubble.

Expand Your City

In order to make a bigger city, we should expand the land first. Then, we can place more buildings on the new unlocked land. Expanding the city is important because we need to make more buildings in order to grow our city faster. So, if you have the chance to do it, don’t hesitate to expand your city.

Use a Generator

If you want to make a great city, the best way is by using the SimCash. You can upgrade and grow your city really fast with this thing. But, it is not that easy to get it. And if you want, just use this SimCity BuildIt hack right now. You will get tons of SimCash for free in a very short time.