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sonic dash tips

Who doesn’t know with Sonic the Hedgehog? The one who can run so fast and has a blue color on his body. He is very popular as the character of so many games on Nintendo. But now, he comes to the mobile for Android and iOS platform in Sonic Dash. It is the game with an endless run which is similar to the like of Subway Surfer. And today, I wanna give some Sonic Dash tips for all new players who want to try this one. So, if you feel that you know nothing to play it, you should check this out.

Sonic Dash Tips

Collect as Many Rings as You Can

The Ring is the main currency in this game that used to buy some upgrade. But, it is not the only use of it. It is also your life during the game. With a lot of Rings, you will be able to stay and keep alive after getting hit by the enemies. If you bump the enemies, you will lose your Rings but you can keep playing. But, if you have no Rings, you won’t be able to continue.

Increase and Use the Dash Meter

This game has a Dash Meter that can be used to fasten up your run. It can be found at the bottom of your screen and you can use it after the bar is already full. In order to make it full, you have to collect a lot of Rings. Each Ring that you collect will increase the bar a little. So, you have to collect many of it until the bar is full.

Use the Sonic Dash Power Ups

Here, there are some Power-Ups that you can use to help you in the game such as a headstart in the race, free revive on every run, and the ultimate headstart. They are all very useful to help you in the game. So, if you have them, don’t hesitate to use it.

Do Upgrades

You can upgrade the likes of headstart, dash boost, shield, and magnet in order to get the best of them. For example, if you upgrade the shield, it can protect you from being attacked by the enemies longer, and so do with the others.

Try This Generator

If collecting the Ring is too hard for you, you can get it in an easier way. It is by using Sonic Dash Hack. This generator will let you generate as many Rings as you like without spending a single penny. So, if you interested to this one, just use it immediately.

I think it is enough for Sonic Dash tips today. I hope the tips above will be really useful for all new players out there. So, thanks for visiting my website and see you later.