Star Girl is the best game ever for many children as we can dress up our own characters with our own style. There are many fashions that we can buy in the shop. We can now play this game on our smartphones as it has been released.

Customize Your Own Character

If you often play dress up game. You have to give a shoot in this game as we could use our creativity in this game. To most beautiful your character, the more money you earn to your pocket. Then, we can spend it to shop new fashion.

Fashion Competition

Unlike the other dress up game. We can apply on fashion competition to compete with many players in this game. We can earn thousands of bucks if we could win it. To win we have to make our character beautiful as the judge will do scoring by considering your fashion style. The price will not be a matter but the matched style could help us to be a winner.

Be a Cover Girl

Like how modeling world works, Star Girl also do the same thing which is totally same. We can register to be a cover girl on each magazine. Then, we can earn much money from our popularity. The highest popularity, the highest income you could get.

Various Fashions

Star girl comes with many various fashions that can buy and apply to our character. However, some fashion cost much money to buy and also there is premium fashion which required premium currency to buy but do not worry. It does not matter if you could match normal properly even though it is not the premium one.

We have concluded this game is really awesome. If you would like to find a unique dress up game with complex feature then you may go with this game. It will surely cost your time because you will be addicted to play. Do not forget to share this article if you would. Sharing this will give an important value to other people.


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