Starbucks Claimed There are Million People who Exchange Star Code

Starbucks Promotion

As we have shared before about Starbucks star code. Today, Starbucks claims that they have received many redemption points from many people around the world who exchange its voucher to receive free coffee.

We all know, Star code is really important in Starbucks because it can give high rewards if we exchange it. We could exchange it almost everything here where there is no limitation of exchanging any products.

Starbucks itself claims that this is not the first one they create such as free voucher promotion. They have been doing this for almost every year. Especially, when it is in the end and in the beginning of the year.

Yesterday, The Starbucks CEO said, “We are so pleased that our customer can easily exchange what they want”.

It seems they really enjoy of giving free giveaway to their customer. As a big company, Starbucks does a great promotion of all. We can even enjoy what they give to us. Last time, they are giving free promotion where we can get another cup if we buy one cup. Means buy 1 get 1.

Right now, they create a promotion to give us free voucher which worth $ 100 and we can exchange it in almost nearest Starbucks we reach. Hopefully, there is no abuse since it could be a big problem as the promotion could be stopped.

Follow the Event to Receive $ 100

If you would like to follow Starbucks event in order to get $ 100. We have a great article for you that you should read it right away. If you are a bit curious about it. Feel free to check the link below.

Starbucks Star Code Rewards