Playing games is such a normal situation where everyone tends to consume all their spare time. This activity can be applied both on Smartphone and PC. The different only the devices itself and also the gaming experience that players will receive.

Smartphone Games

There are tons of smartphone games available both on Google Play Store or IOS Store. We can download them which vary from a free app and paid app. Almost 80 % people love to play a game on their smartphone game because it can be done everywhere. No matter where are they, the game would be there.

There are many popular smartphone games that everyone can play it on their smartphone. Based on our editor choice, we have been concluded the most popular game where you can find on the list below.

Clash of Clans

Clash Royale

Crusaders of Light


Final Fantasy Awakening

My Cafe

PC Games

Personal Computer or called as PC. This device has been so popular for dozens of years because of its existence on gaming section. It has been accompanied gamers since a long time ago and it is still unbeatable until now. There are some popular games which have been played by million users around the world. Here is the complete list.


Titan Fall 2

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

NBA 2K18

Rocket League


The different Between Smartphone and PC Games?

After we are talking about a little brief about both smartphone and pc games. We should know the difference between them. It is quite easy to guess. So what do you guess? Here is the comparison.

  1. Smartphone games tend to use simpler control because of its lack controller
  2. PC games graphics are better than smartphone game
  3. Most smartphone games are paid to win where you will need to spend all your time in order to play comfortably.
  4. PC games tend to give more gaming experience as it would maximize your gaming sense

That is all, what we can share with you about the difference between smartphone and pc games. We hope our information above can give a little value to know what device should you give a try.


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