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tips for boom beach

Boom Beach is such a phenomenal strategy game since it was released and even until now. And to have a good progress in this game, you need to know everything like how to attack effectively, how to make a good defense, and so on. So, here I am to tell you all of it in one. Right now, I’m about to tell you the tips for Boom Beach that may be helpful to improve your game. So, check these out.

All the Tips for Boom Beach that You May Need

Boom Beach Tips for Attacking

  • Scout the Enemy First

Before you attack someone’s base, you need to make sure that they have some good resources and you are at the same level or at least they are lower than you. This is so important so you can make a plan before you start raiding your enemy and also to avoid an instant lost.

  • Make It Easy by Using the Gunboat

The Gunboat provides some fire support and supplies for your troops such as artillery to destroy the key defensive buildings, flares to give an order to your troops about where they should go, and etc. This is so useful in the battlefield because it can make your troops’ job easier.

  • Go Straight to the Headquarters (HQ)

While attacking the opponent’s base, you can end the battle faster by destroying the HQ. And that’s one of the reasons of why you should scout it first. Then, plan the best route to go to the HQ in order to get a lot of damage from the defensive buildings. The last, give your troops a support by launching the flares to the HQ. It will protect the troops from being targeted.

Tips for Boom Beach Defense Strategy

  • Place Your HQ in the Right Place

HQ is the most important thing in defending the base because when it destroyed, you will let the attacker win. So, to avoid this problem, you need to make sure that you place the HQ in the safest place. You can try to place it far behind so the opponent won’t get it in short time. Or you can make it surrounded by your defensive buildings so it will be safe when it gets attacked from any direction.

  • Be Smart when Placing the Defensive Buildings

In order to have such a strong base that won’t get easily destroyed, you need to be smart in managing your defensive buildings. If you place them badly without thinking if it is good enough or not, you will be destroyed easily. But, if you place them in the right place, they will work effectively to get rid of the opponent’s troops. The best way to get a strong base is by placing the defensive buildings with some space between them. Don’t make them touching each other (without space) or they will get destroyed with ease by the artillery since it can deal a massive area damage.

Tips on How to Get More Boom Beach Diamonds

We all know that the Diamond is really important to this game and it is also hard to be obtained. As we know that it can be used to fasten up your upgrade so you don’t have to wait for a long time while upgrading the buildings. With a number of Diamonds, you can instantly finish the upgrade in a second. So, before I end the tips for Boom Beach on this day, I will tell you how to get it.

So, how to get this thing without doing anything difficult? The answer is by using Boom Beach cheats. You can generate a lot of Diamonds just by using it. There will be no limit at all of how may of it that you can generate. So, if you really want to get this thing, just try it right now.