People love to play android games because it is simplicity. The control, gameplay, graphics, size, and much more are ideal to play. The best thing about Android games, we can play almost anywhere on our phone. There are top Android games that should be installed on your smartphone. We sort it based on this year.

Last Day on Earth

Addicting games comeĀ from its gameplay. The good gameplay it has, the popular its game will. Last Day on Earth has all these things. Released by Kefir which is located in Russia. This indie developer really knows what they create in this game.

This is truly proven since its first released. It received around a million downloads within a day. What an awesome thing it is, even though. Some popular game such as Clash of clans, clash royale, the cafe and much more. They do not get this amount.

What makes this great is the gameplay where we need to survive from Zombie hordes that are trying to eat our body. We have to build our base, craft equipment, and kill everyone who meets us.

My Cafe

Downloaded by 50 million users this game is truly recommended for us. A unique gameplay where we will run a cafe to satisfy our customer. Not only satisfying them all but also to generate many bucks as possible.

Your mission in this game is to maintain your cafe. Upgrading a new facility, expanding your cafe, and so on are completed by its developer. There are no games such as this one on a smartphone.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

This game is quite same as Last Day on Earth. The different just only the graphics. This game uses a set of classic graphics which could be a nostalgic moment for some people. Indeed some people have cons to this game because they do not like the graphics. It is really confusing to play.

One thing to consider about this game is the gameplay itself. We can meet anyone and build our base together. Besides that, we can go hunting, mining, gathering, and even crafting together. However, you have to prepare your own server or you could join up with a public server. Unfortunately, it is quite hard except you are a little bit lucky.

Final Words

We hope you can enjoy what we share above and find the favorite one to play. Regardless, if you would like to choose Minecraft PE, you have to pay it. Price would be never disappointing, if there is price then there is quality. Do not forget, there is also a new game which is trending right now. A real-time MMORPG called as Crusaders of Light


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