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township game

A farming game is one of the most popular game genres as well as the city building game. Both are so popular since they have an interesting and exciting gameplay. People loves to play it because of the various things that they can do in a game with these genres. And there is one game that can make people get so addicted named Township. Well, if you want to know what’s good about this Township game or why it can make people so addicted, better you take a look at my review below.

Township Game Review

Playrix Games has mixed the farming and city building game to become one in Township. The game which has reached a great success since it was released in 2013 until this day. We have met a lot of farming and city building game out there. But, how if both of it are combined together? It must be very exciting. It is a great innovation from Playrix Games and it is such as a brilliant idea since a game with just farming or city building style is already too many out there.

Overall, the game point is still the same where players will have to develop their city as well as taking care of their farm. Here, players are allowed to build their very own city and decorate it as they like. Growing some crops, taking the production of the animals and make some products are our main priority. Players can sell the products or crops that they have harvested. These are really important so we can gain more Coins that can be used to build our city. And we can expand our city to make it grow bigger.

This game will impress you with its nice graphic. You can see the great details in this game where the environments here are so realistic. The townspeople are doing their activities, take a walk in the city, and driving to somewhere.

There is no end in playing this game since it is an RPG game. So, you can still make progress and play it for a very long time.

Township Tips & Tricks

Be smart in making products

As you can make some products to be sold, you have to keep in mind that you need to be smart in making products. If you still on the game, just make the products which take less time. Make the longer products when you want to take a rest from the game. It will be more effective

Clear the People’s Orders

The people in your town will often order you some products. Their orders can be everything that available in your town. So, you can and need to complete their orders so you will get more Coins. Try to find the easiest orders to be fulfilled first. You can do the hardest ones later.

Expand Your City to Get More Space

In order to realize your dream of having a big city, you need to expand your area first. Expanding area will allow you to place more buildings. You can also add more decoration that can beautify your city.

Clear the Achievements to Claim Good Rewards

Like most city-building and farming games, Township game also has achievements to be cleared. The achievement is so many so you can spend more time on this game to clear them all. Actually, it will clear automatically even we don’t pay attention to it. It will clear one by one as long as you make progress in this game. And for each achievement that you cleared, you will earn some rewards.

This game is recommended for you who like to play a city building game. And if you want to play it, you will need a lot of Coins and Cash. So, in order to get them faster, you have to access this Township hack link. Then, you will get loads of Township game Coin and Cash.