Ultimate Pokemon GO Guide| The Best Way to Play the Game Without Having any Issues!

pokemon go guide

Of course, all of you already know this catching monsters game. This game used an AR (Augmented Reality) Technology. Thanks to that, you can meet your Pokemon in the real life. Yeah, you will catch your Pokemon by visiting a specific place in your country. Today, I will give you Pokemon Go guide that can make you become the best player quickly. Are you curious what kind of guide that I will give you? If so, without any further ado, move your eyes down to see it.

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Pokemon Go Guide | The Stuff That You Need to Know!

Playing Pokemon is very easy. Is it true? I think it’s back on the people itself. If they can know about Pokemon or know about it a little, that knowledge can help them in this game. But, for you who doesn’t know anything, it will be bad, right? That’s why check the guide below to find further information about it.

  • Catch a Pokemon: You must already know catching a Pokemon is easy. But, you must never notice it. After you catch the Pokemon I’m sure you tend to leave your spot to find another one, right? I think you should keep waiting. For what? Of course, to make the Pokemon pop up again. It’s very effective way to catch your favorite Pokemon on the specific place. At least, you need to wait 3-5 minutes to make the Pokemon respawn. This one also very effective to increase your character level quickly.
  • Gym: Winning in the Gym match is not easy. You need have a powerful Pokemon to challenge it. But, you can become the Gym leader even though you don’t win the match. How come? It’s very simple if you notice if the Gym doesn’t have any leader, you can’t sign in and make it become yours. Also, you will get a Poke Coins and another item that you might need in the near future. But, the negative effects, but, if you lose to another trainer, you need to give your position as the Gym Leader to the winner.
  • Pokemon CP: If you like want a stronger Pokemon, you need to pay attention to the CP aspect when catching your Pokemon. At least Pokemon with 150-200 CP it’s worth to keep. Others than that, just escape and wait until you catch the better one. You can use the first step to making the Pokemon appear again and again.
  • Poke Coins: This is the main currency of the game. Also, it’s used to buy useful items, like Potion and Stardust. The only way you can get is from the Gym. Win the battle you get it and become the Gym leader can grant you Poke Coins. But, it’s not really effective to farm a Poke Coins because Gym only appeared on the specific location. I have a better idea for you to get Pokemon GO Poke Coins. How? It’s by using Pokemon Go cheat tool. I already tested it and works like a charm.

pokemon go gameplay

Okay, guys, that’s the Pokemon guide that I want to show you. Hopefully, it can help you to become a better player in the game. Don’t forget to share this one with your friends. Not you who only need this one, others might need it too. Have a nice day and see you all again in the next chance.