WeeWorld Free VIP and Gold Points, Working 100 % Hack Tool!


Most people surely love to play WeeWorld. However, there are some of them that looking for WeeWorld free VIP and gold points. Maybe at the first time, we thought that it could be fake because there is no way to get it for free instead of buying it. I was thinking about that too but after I found a really great hack tool, it changed my mind.

We know that this game is kinda popular among teenager because they could socialize each other. No one could resist to not play this game. Now, I would like to inform about my experience when I found this tool to get free VIP and gold points. I call it as a long journey story 😀

Yesterday, I was looking for a tip to play WeeWorld because this game seems encouraging us to buy VIP and gold points. Then, I found a generator. I was doubt at that time because I don’t believe in hacking but there is something special from that hack tool. The hacker could hack WeeWorld facebook fan page itself then post their link into the status. WHAT THE HELL IT BE! Anyway, take a look at the image below. I just take it from the site.

WeeWorld Hack Proof

Could you see? Is it hard to believe right? Yeah, I was also doubt at that time but after seeing this proof. It changed everything in my mind until I try the generator itself. While trying the generator it took only about a few mins to receive free gold points and VIP. Now, I would like to share how do I generate it. I hope it can be useful as your instruction to use this hack tool.

Step to Getting WeeWorld Free VIP

  1. Click access button below
  2. Fill your username or your e-mail address which registered at that site
  3. Click “Next” button
  4. Select what packages do you want ( gold, and VIP )
  5. Click “Generate” button
  6. Wait for the generating process
  7. Relogging or restart your app to see what just happen to your account
  8. Enjoy the Magic!

I just want to tell you, please don’t report this hack tool to its developer because this is our gold mine! If the developer stops this hack tool. No more free VIP and gold points. 🙁