WSOP Survival Guide, How to Survive and Earn a Small Pot

wsop survival guide

WSOP survival guide is the most crucial part if we play this game. Sometimes, we could win or lose but some people believe that it depends on how much our luck left. We totally disagree with that one as there is a simple trick to survive and we can also earn a small pot.

Before going to the real survival guide. We would like to do a little interview with you about what do you feel when you are on the table? Do you feel scared to lose? Or something like that? Feel free to share your experience in the comment below. It could be a reference for us to update this article much better.

How to Survive in the Game?

Here is the main guide that you will learn about surviving in this game. At least we are going to be the second man. How could we do that?

It is practically simple but most people forget about this one. What is it? It is our mentality. Sometimes, if we lose our mental then we lose the game because we cannot think clearly about what strategy should be used. Then, you have to relax your mind before playing.

Tips to Relax

Take a deep breath continuously is quite important because it can reduce a little burden on our mind. After that, you can take a drink. We suggest mineral water because it can give extra oxygen to our brain.

Play Patiently

Here is the most mistake that everyone does when they play WSOP. They really want to win a big stake in each game where the fact they lose everything they had in their account. This is quite phenomenal as almost 77% people lose because of this one. Our special tip is to play relax where you have to predict what card that your opponent could have.

Secret Method (Must Read!)

The secret method would never be shared before with anybody. We are giving this method because we want to help you win each game without any worries in your mind. How could you do that? Which is to read our WSOP free chips article. You can get chip package once a week and you can play without any doubts as you will not spend a single penny from your pocket.

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Be the Second Man and Earn a little Pot!

Do not be the greediest people in this world. Once you win a little pot it is okay than lose everything we have. Try to survive until the last game and try to get a little pot. If it is possible we can get the chance to win everything. Just in case, you do not all in each time you get a normal card. Only do that if you trust you can win the game.