YouTubers Life Game Review + the Way to Get the Game for Free

youtubers life game

Nowadays, so many people are making videos to be uploaded on Youtube. It has become a trend at this moment and they try to get as many viewers and subscribers as they can by making a good video. And those people are called as YouTubers. But, you don’t have to do that if you want to become a YouTubers. Now, you just need to play in YouTubers Life game if you really want to be like that. Then, let’s check out this review so you can get more information about it.

YouTubers Life Game Review

This is a simulation game which published by U-Play Online S.L. in 2016. YouTubers Life is supported for PC and mobile such as Android and iOS platform. The price of this game is at around $9 so it is quite expensive. Also, you need to make a space around 700 MB in order to download this game. So, make sure that you have enough space for this one and the use of Wi-Fi is really recommended.

YouTubers Life Gameplay

This simulation game is where users will act as a YouTube gamer. Here, you will have your own YouTuber channel. Firstly, you will make your own avatar and you can also customize the way he looks. Then, you have to direct your avatar to play a game that you can choose from the shelf in your avatar’s bedroom. And you need to make and publish a video from the game that you choose in order to gain viewers and subscribers.

As you make a progress in this game, you will earn the in-app currency that you can use to buy more games for your videos, and some new equipment like new microphone, monitor, and much more. But, this one is quite similar to the like of a simulation game “The Sims” in which your character also needs to sleep, eat, and the other supporting activities.

The Graphics Quality

YouTubers Life has a very nice graphic where it uses a stunning and smooth 3D graphics. The details also really good because you can see the whole things that exist in your bedroom such as the equipment that you use to make a video and the environment around you. The graphic will make you amaze and you won’t get bored easily.

Overall, it is a very good game to become a YouTuber. So, I suggest you try this one because you will know how the feeling of becoming a YouTuber. And before I end this YouTubers Life review, I will give you the link to get this game. As I said before that it is not free so you have to pay first before you can download the game. But, with the link below, you can get it for free.

>>Free Download YouTubers Life<<

So, thank you for reading the review of YouTubers Life game on my website. Hopefully, it can enrich your knowledge about this exciting game. Then, see you again next time, guys…